We recently posted a generic comment on Facebook about addicts, reminding us, basically,  that “addicts are us” – and asked the following question: What Does An Addict Look Like? 

The answer is, of course, you and me. Addicts look like you and me.

Look across the room. Turn to the right, to the left. Look behind you, at your neighbor, your teacher, your friend, your employer, your staff, your family, your pastor….look all around you. Everyone looks like an addict, because addiction is no respecter of persons.

A Facebook friend commented on our post: “My son needs help.”

And another Facebook friend offered this in response: “…I hope your son gets the treatment he needs…… Life as a recovering addict can be so rewarding and every day is like a little accomplishment!! If he ever wants to talk about it, Id be happy to share with him how I got clean and sober. I celebrated 5 years sober this year, through the help of treatment and I understand all his fears and his addiction does control a lot of what he says and does, But you can get your boy back….My family say such an improvement in the person I was again once I chose treatment…Good Luck and as a Mother, you know he needs help so if you are close and comfortable suggesting he go into treatment…do it…you could save his life. If he doesn’t want the help right now…tell him he can message me and Ill chat with him I know what he is going through and if nothing else maybe just talking will open his eyes to see more value in himself and in his family. A value worth more then the addiction…Good Luck and Best Wishes to you and Your family…. He has to want to get the help for himself and Trust me He will do it!! I Know its hard for you, But Just show him Love and support (not financial support though) and he will trust you and he will come back to you when he feels he is ready for the help you know he so badly needs!! My thoughts are with you all!!”

Addiction is a lonely place. Recovery is not.

As the heart-felt compassion in the response above illustrates, recovery is not something you do alone. Empathy, compassion and support – that’s what a recovering addict can expect, from people they don’t even know….so different than the lonely, desperate life of an addict.

If you’re recovering, reach out and share your story. If you’re in need of treatment, don’t be afraid to make the call!