FAILING TO WIN: A Blog, A Book, A Life

by Jean Krisle, CEO/Founder, 10,000 Beds, Inc.

I hope these words will remind leaders, mentors, persons in recovery, and all who visit that failure often leads to success, and winning isn’t everything. My goal is to inspire hope, promote excellence, infuse confidence, and improve outcomes.
Failing to win is nothing to be ashamed of, no matter how you look at it.

When Lives Are At Stake

10,000 Beds was created to help individuals without resources who are seeking help for addiction. Over the past 4 years, our written mission of recovery has been redefined, expanded, focused, and edited. But over those same 4 years, our mission has never changed: we...

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Myopic Perspective

Myopic perspective. I don't know about you, but this is something I sometimes struggle with because I'm too close, I'm too involved, I'm too emotional. I'm too________(fill-in-the-blank). Myopic thinking - lack of discernment or long-rage perspective in thinking or...

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Conference Call Etiquette (or can you mute too much?)

Isn't that the way it works? You know what I mean: You're killing it! Your energy level is high, checkmarks abound on your to do list, and high fives are happening all around...and then that afternoon sluggishness sets in, exactly at the same time you are scheduled...

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There Was A Time

There was a time in the addiction treatment industry when marketing referrals were the status quo. This was before greed set in. But it was there, and it was real, and a lot of people want to forget that it was the norm. But that doesn't change reality. Perception may...

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A Job Well Done

We want to take a minute to thank several of our board members who have completed their terms with 10,000 Beds and are stepping down. We appreciate their time, commitment and service to 10,000 Beds over the past three years as we were finding our way. There's a time...

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Do You Have A Code of Ethics?

Rules are made to be broken. Right? Wrong! We all laugh when we hear the old adage, but unfortunately there are many who adopt this as their way of living. Successful leadership demands a higher level of behavior. At 10,000 Beds we hold ourselves to a high standard....

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