Hello!? Anyone there? *waves madly* …. crickets.

Have you had moments like this during our isolation over the past eight months? Moments when you just wanted to talk to SOMEONE, ANYONE? But no one was nearby. I’ve even considered standing in my picture window and waving at the cars driving by…but that seems a little creepy.

So…ZOOM it is!

ZOOM is a way to connect with one or more people and share emotions, facial expressions, body language, laughter, games, meals, and more. It is a teleconferencing application previously used more by businesses, but now used as the best way for people to connect while social distancing during the CoVID-19 pandemic.

If you haven’t already, you need to learn about ZOOM! This article from Business Insider has a lot of great information.

And a great HOW TO article is here.

You can even ZOOM your Thanksgiving Dinner (and ZOOM has lifted the 40 minute limit for free meetings for Thanksgiving!)

And finally, just a little humor to help you prepare for what MIGHT happen on your next ZOOM meeting.

There are thousands of AA and NA and support group meetings every day, every hour, via ZOOM.

One thing’s for certain: ZOOM saved us in this pandemic. We can connect via ZOOM!

Now, let’s do a ZOOM call with ZOOM and say thanks!