10,000 Beds was recently featured on ABC4UTAH’s The Daily Dish with Nicea DeGoering. Founder Jean Krisle and 10,000 Beds Scholarship Graduate Alex Riddle talked about the program and how it changes lives. You can view the video here.

We envision a world where ALL individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder – from any and all backgrounds – are not sidelined because of their past, but welcomed, embraced and included as valuable, lovable people with limitless futures.”

— Jean Krisle, Founder, 10,000 Beds, Inc.


​MISSION Since our beginning in 2014, the mission of 10,000 Beds has been to connect individuals without resources who are seeking help for a substance use disorder to vetted treatment programs through our scholarship program, and to change perceptions of addiction and recovery while supporting families and communities affected by the devastating disease of addiction.


GRATITUDE We are grateful for the opportunity we have to provide an opportunity to individuals battling addiction to change their lives, for amazing treatment partners that donate scholarships, for generous supporters, & for scholarship applicants who continue to be gracious and grateful as we strive to provide hope and opportunity. Everything we do comes from a place of gratitude.

COVID & MENTAL HEALTH The Covid Epidemic only inflamed the already existing Mental Health & Substance Use Epidemic; depression, anxiety, and overdoses are out of control. Treatment programs and detox centers remain full with waiting lists, donor funding is down, & scholarships are more difficult to find. We continue to award scholarships, but the wait from application to treatment is longer than ever. We have never been a 24/7 Emergency Placement Center, but this new reality has made our work even more difficult. Currently, our online application is CLOSED as we work on our existing waiting list.

PODCAST We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new weekly 10,000 Beds podcast “On The Air For Recovery” with 10,000 Beds founder Jean Krisle, also known to many as The Godmother of Recovery. Our conversations will be raw, personal, and educational. Find #ontheair4recovery on Apple Podcasts! Or here! Or on your favorite podcast hosting site! Then listen, follow, subscribe, share and enjoy! Questions? Want to share your story? Are you interested in being a guest or can recommend someone to be a guest? Please contact us by email at

SCHOLARSHIPS Through our 10,000 Beds “One Bed.One Life.” scholarship program, we partner with extraordinary treatment programs throughout the United States that donate at least one addiction treatment scholarship annually for qualifying 10,000 Beds scholarship applicants who are without resources and actively seeking help for addiction. Our online application was created by a clinical team and provides an opportunity for the applicant to tell their story along with providing medical information. In the past seven years, we have awarded more than $10,000,000 in treatment scholarships.


EXTRAORDINARY TREATMENT PROGRAM PARTNERS We are honored to partner with numerous treatment programs around the country. Each of our extraordinary partners donates at least one scholarship every year. And each has been vetted by our team of advisors, board members, founder, or volunteer staff. We hold our partners to a very high standard. Not only do our treatment program partners already work day and night to help those battling addiction to get better, but they are philanthropic stars. This is one of the many things that make them exceptional. They are extraordinary, giving, generous people.


CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS Our corporate & community outreach program (CCOP) was created to provide opportunities to meet with corporate leaders, human resource specialists, and employee groups to raise awareness and end the stigma too often associated with a person or family battling an addiction and also associated with individuals in recovery. We are dedicated to making the workplace a safe place for all. For more information, please contact our founder at

WE VALUE ALL HUMANS At 10,000 Beds, we are committed to providing equal opportunity and a nondiscriminatory approach in all aspects of our mission: for scholarship applicants and recipients, treatment program partners, volunteers, and board members. We believe and strive for a diverse, inclusive, and equitable world where all — regardless of gender, race, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, education, religion, disability, veteran status, active addiction or stage of recovery, or other dimension of diversity — feel valued and respected.

HOPE MATTERS Connection is critical in this COVID reality of voluntary and forced isolation. Our goal is to encourage and facilitate positive connections for those battling or recovering from addiction. As COVID restrictions relax, and as it is smart and safe, we will be back on the road, we will also continue our podcast, but most importantly, we will continue to fulfill our mission of helping individuals without resources into treatment, supporting families, providing hope, and elevating conversations to change stigma around addiction and recovery.


BY THE NUMBERS Created in 2014 and incorporated in 2015, 10,000 Beds is now in its eighth year of providing scholarships and changing lives of individuals and families affected by addiction. From 2017 – 2020, 10,000 Beds criss-crossed the country with our #ontheroad4recovery program. With more than 30,000 miles driven for recovery, hundreds of events attended, thousands of people touched by our message, and more than $10,000,000 in awarded scholarships over the past 7 years,10,000 Beds continues to hold a unique space in the addiction recovery industry.


PEOPLE AND RESOURCES We operate with a volunteer staff and modest budget. Our commitment and passion to our mission has allowed us to reach individuals, families, communities, and companies throughout the country to raise awareness, end stigma, provide hope, and award scholarships for addiction treatment. With today’s Covid-19 related increase in the number of mental health and overdose cases, our focus is turned to growth and management of our programs.


FUTURE GROWTH From our first scholarship awarded in 2015, to our final 2020 scholarship on December 31, 2020, to today, we have never wavered in our commitment to help individuals and families without resources find the help they want and need through partnerships with vetted treatment programs throughout the United States who willingly and generously annually donate at least one scholarship to 10,000 Beds. We are committed to organizational growth that will allow us to continue in this never-ending fight to provide opportunities for individuals to change their lives.


THE GUIDE STAR PLATINUM SEAL OF TRANSPARENCY is an honor we work hard to receive – we’ve now been awarded it every year we’ve applied: 2018, 2019, 2020. It is the highest level of recognition GuideStar can give a nonprofit organization. We operate under the guiding principles of our Code of Ethics. 10,000 Beds has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for unethical practices and behaviors. We hold ourselves & our partners to the same standard. 10,000 Beds, Inc. (Ten Thousand Beds, Inc.) is a registered 501c3 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION (EIN 47-3609493).

Everything We Do Comes From A Place Of GRATITUDE

Our founder, Jean Krisle, is the hopeful mother, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, MIL, friend, and grandmother in a family affected by addiction.

Jean is keenly aware that she is one of the lucky ones. She was able to manage her own addiction(s) and her family is healthy with one son in treatment and putting in the time and work to rebuild his life. And she is keenly aware there are no guarantees.There are too many who have lost children to this invasive and destructive disease. Jean grieves with those who grieve and strives to provide hope to those whose hope is waning.

At 10,000 Beds, following Jean’s lead, everything we do to support and promote recovery is our way of expressing joy and gratitude for every new day of life chosen by each person in recovery. We celebrate recovery. We are grateful for recovery. We believe in recovery.  #onebedonelife

Please note: 10,000 Beds is not a 24/7 emergency hotline or treatment placement service.

If you are in an emergency situation, dial 911 immediately.

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