It’s a simple word, but the word spelled out with only nine letters is truly enormous in terms of how a person’s life comes together.


Brit Moran once said, “Even in the chaos of everyday life, moments of gratitude remind us to hold on to the good things.”

Moments of gratitude…not hours, days…but moments of gratitude can change our individual lives. Gratitude softens things that can be difficult. Gratitude brightens things that are dull and uninspiring – the minute details of life. Gratitude helps to make sense of things we don’t understand easily.

My challenge to you today is to take a minute, just one minute out of your busy day, to be grateful. Focus on something(s) you are blessed with – life, friends, sobriety, employment, health, children, or whatever it is. A roof over your head.

And say thank you. Thank yourself for being strong enough to get yourself to where you are. And thank God, your Higher Power, for watching over you and guiding you to where you are.

GRATITUDE is not a fancy word, but it will change your life once you stop to recognize all that you have and show gratitude in your actions, thoughts and prayers.

I am grateful to be working in this industry. I am grateful my son is alive and thriving. I am grateful for you and your tenacity to build a better life.

So let’s be grateful together and raise our voices in gratitude. God bless.