It’s been a long seven years of learning new things in the world of technology. Our founder, Jean Krisle, first had to learn the nuts and bolts of building a website (our website is constantly being updated with new information, resources, event announcements, board members and more).

Soon after, figuring out social media was her challenge (10,000 Beds has accumulated a total of more than 15,000 followers on all platforms).

Blogging was the next mountain to climb, find the time was the most difficult part of this trek.

And then, the biggest mountain of all – podcasting. Our #OnTheAirForRecovery podcast how has 19 episodes and can be found on Apple Podcasts, or your favorite podcast listening site.

And finally, as of today, we are using Linktree, to provide easier access to our blogs, articles, and more. To find current info and past blog posts, please check out our very own, tech savvylicious, Linktree page.

We are still adding links – all podcast links are up, but not the blog posts, so we will be adding links for the next several weeks, but we feel pretty tech savvy right now. Especially since we started with no knowledge and to this day have only hired a few consultants to help us with specific things we simply didn’t have the time to learn on our own.

Technology has been a blessing, especially in COVID times when in person meetings, counseling sessions, and gatherings were difficult. Worldwide AA and NA meetings can now be accessed online by anyone, anywhere! Counseling sessions continue online when in person meetings are too risky. Gatherings, such as our 2020 Celebrating Recovery Gala, are happening online as well.

It’s all taken some getting used to, but look at us! We are all so much more techy than we ever wanted to be!

Addiction can keep beating us down, but with the tools and resources available online, we will continue to push it back and stand up taller as we push forward on our journeys in recovery.

Connection is the opposite of addiction, so get connected, follow some blogs, attend online meetings, listen to podcasts, and become part of the online recovery community.

Technology has saved lives. There’s no doubt about it. It’s kept us connected in a COVID world of disconnectedness.

And if you want to help continue our mission of changing and saving lives through the 10,000 Beds Scholarship Program, please visit our website and make a donation today!

We just can’t do it alone.