Are you like me? or are you a better person? Seriously.

Do you dread hearing about everyone’s New Year’s resolutions, like I do?

I’m not certain why I feel this, but when I hear everyone’s lofty aspirations I am a bit of a cynic: I just don’t believe they will happen (probably because I am terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions).

Or maybe I am simply jealous of their self-control and self-starter personalities.

And isn’t this what we sometimes do…project our own behavior onto others?

Shame on me!

I should be celebrating the positivity, supporting the newfound energy, and helping (if asked or needed) my friends & family to succeed in their efforts to reach their New Year’s resolutions (goals).

I absolutely should.

But right now I am again rolling my eyes.

I’m not the best cheerleader that ever lived and I find too many out-of-reach goals being claimed on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes I have a “oh brother, I’ve done this on my own, why can’t you do that on your own?” attitude.


So, how can I become a better person?

  1. Let others do their own thing without projecting MY personal opinions on something that’s really NONE of my business.
  2. Celebrate their enthusiasm and optimistic outlook for success.
  3. Set a few New Year’s goals of my own that are reachable, so I don’t have a lingering negative emotion of failure to project about New Year’s goals.
  4. Stop rolling my eyes.
  5. Be the bigger person (so what if their goal is to lose 100 pounds by March – cheer them on and smile!)
  6. Be grateful for my friends and family and their positive thoughts.
  7. Do the next right thing.
  8. Remember, ALWAYS, remember, it’s not about me.
  9. And a few more ideas are listed in this article. I read it, and learned a few things!

Happy New Year to you, and good luck with those awesome resolutions!! You can do this!!!! (think pompoms!)