Thomas “Russ” Russell Parten: sunrise, January 9, 1991; sunset, August 24, 2020 at the age of 29. Russ grew up in Auburn, Alabama. He graduated from Auburn High School and attended Auburn University.

Russ was a very loving, accepting, and caring young man who always saw the best in everyone. He loved his family and his friends in both Auburn and Atlanta, and loved music. Russ had a servant’s heart and always wanted to help and care for people. He wanted to be a light to shine for others.

A son, brother, neighbor, and friend. Russ was something to everyone. There are so many things to be said about the light he brought us, but above all – he taught us to live authentically and to always “do good recklessly.”

Russ was a connoisseur of music, food, and pop culture, and an absolute warrior for doing the right thing.

In memory of Russ Parten, his family and friends want to honor him by raising money for 10,000 Beds to provide scholarships in his name.

These scholarships will be awarded to people without resources suffering from a substance use disorder and seeking help through a residential treatment program.


A much loved daughter and sister, Sonia was a determined young lady with aspirations of becoming the “go to” person people would call for financial advice.

Sonia began her career directly out of college, learning critical industry skills that served her well in her position at Merrill Lynch.

For what would have been Sonia’s 30th birthday, I’ve created a Facebook Memorial Fundraiser in Sonia’s honor to help other young men, women, and their families fighting the terrible disease of addiction.

To date, dozens of friends and family members have commented and supported Elizabeth in this tribute to her sister leading to the financial support for seven 10,000 Beds addiction treatment scholarships.

Sonia was loved by so many.

“Sonia would just be so happy to see that we are helping others to be able to afford the help they seek. Often enough money can be quite an issue, especially with those stricken with this terrible disease. Ultimately you are helping provide assistance to those willing and ready to go to rehab.

I am forever grateful for all of your help.” – Elizabeth Wahbe


We are sad to announce that Christopher “Kit” J. Dorman, 30, of Edison, NJ passed on June 9, 2021 at the age of 30. Christopher worked for Starborn Industries in Edison as their National Sales Manager.

“Most of my friends on Facebook don’t know that we lost our oldest son to drugs last month. Neither of us has been able to hold it together long enough to write a post.

For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to 10,000 Beds. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because while it is too late for our son, Kit age 30, there are many others that still have a chance.

10,000 Beds helps those without the means to get into rehab. I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. You will join the army of people working hard to help to end the tragic epidemic attacking our families and loved ones. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.

And if you decide to give, please give In Memory of Christopher J. Dorman.

You can choose who can see that you donated or donate privately.

Every $500 raised provides one scholarship.” – Janet Shroads


“September is a difficult month for my family and I. Today would have been my sister’s thirtieth birthday, and next week we mark the third anniversary of her passing. Sarah Taylor passed away from Multiple Myeloma, a few years after she recovered from her battle with substance abuse. Thankfully, our family was able to provide for her to get high quality addiction treatment, and Sarah put her life back together, helped others with their recovery, and started a family before she got sick with cancer. I’m so grateful that she had those good years, and her access to treatment was critical to making that happen. But addiction treatment is expensive and not everyone has access.

This year, to celebrate Sarah’s life, I want to help others have the opportunity she did to turn their lives around. Please help me by making a donation to 10,000 Beds, who provide funding for drug rehabilitation for those who can’t afford it. Addiction tears apart families and communities, and in response, some people’s hearts turn cold. But if we’re ever going to get through the crisis of addiction as a society, we have to open our hearts up and love those who may have caused us pain and give them our support so they can heal. We have to believe in them and give second chances.” – Christopher James