The road to recovery. When encountering this phrase I immediately think of a road trip. Going from a place of origin to a place of destination.

If our place of origin is Rock Bottom and our destination is Recovery Life, then a treatment center might be considered the first gas station stop to fill up our tank, and grab snacks for the journey. Even more so, it is a full-service gas station where we sit in the car and the attendant fills the tank and provides us with food and drink.

And then what?

There’s no GPS for the journey of life. For an addict in recovery who has ended their career and has nothing left in the bank, where to go and what to do are the two most critical questions.

How does one start acting like an adult if for the past year or years or even decades he/she hasn’t been living like one?

Meetings help to give hope and guidance, like street signs along the way. But it is up to us to plan and act on where to go, what to do, and how to live a life that brings us happiness.

On my own road to recovery I am the driver, navigator, and also the DJ. Good tunes and laughs will smooth out the bumps in the road ahead.

Who’s up for an epic trip?

We welcome guest bloggers and are grateful to those who share their experience, insight and wisdom. This guest post was shared with us by Kollin James, a person in recovery.

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