Update: Marcus Lemonis and Keystone RV made things right. Thank you. It’s true. 

Five years ago, when I had an ah-ha moment and the idea for 10,000 Beds came to me, I was ecstatic, over-the-top pumped…it was something I really wanted to do to make a difference for people who were struggling. In that moment, and the years following, every ounce of energy, every extra cent, every action has been dedicated to helping individuals battling addiction through the non-profit 10,000 Beds. The encouragement and support we received from EVERYONE kept me going when I was too tired to move.

Hal and I sold our home. With the proceeds we purchased a beautiful Keystone RV, wrapped it in the 10,000 Beds logo, and hit the road for recovery. It wasn’t long before the hashtag #ontheroad4recovery was our official 10,000 Beds tagline and recognized nationwide. People requested the RV to appear at events, meetings, conferences….churches, schools….wherever we could pull it in!

We created an online application for people seeking help for addiction. We made it clear that our process takes time, that we are not a 24/7 emergency hotline or placement service.

We met with treatment programs and these programs agreed to donate at least one scholarship per year for 10,000 Beds scholarship applicants. We now have more than 200 partners nationwide!

We placed $1,000,000 in scholarships the first year, and doubled that the second, and doubled again the third year. This year, 2019, we expect to pass $10,000,000 in total value of awarded scholarships since that ah-ha moment. That’s hundreds and hundreds of scholarships!


Yes, there have been challenges, but we have always prevailed because our mission is real and the need is real and we can help so many through 10,000 Beds.

Along the way we have appreciated every scholarship and every dollar received, from our treatment program partners, individual donors, corporate sponsors, event sponsors, and grantors. And through it all, Hal and I have contributed our time, resources and energy.

We love what we do!

Hal and I are honored to have been able to do what we’ve done thus far. It’s been life-changing for both of us; we’ve made lifelong friends in the recovery industry and in the families of those we’ve been able to help through 10,000 Beds.

Five years ago we were at a place in our lives where putting our “all” into 10,000 Beds made sense, we were coming from a place of gratitude and hope, and today we are so grateful we could and did take that leap of faith.

It’s time for the next leap of faith. It’s time to find companies and individuals who will step up and support our mission to help others. Founders are not expected to personally fund a non-profit organization. We are an anomaly – in so many ways.

One logical partner would be Keystone RV, the manufacturer of our RV that we purchased from Camping World.

Instead, Keystone RV is one of our biggest challenges.

You remember our RV, don’t you? Big Blue? The one that has been in the shop for EIGHT MONTHS.

First Camping World was non-communicative for months, and now Keystone is dragging their feet. They’ve discovered that the frame is flawed – a manufacturer’s defect, and the manufacturer’s responsibility. But it’s still not fixed.

What a PR dream this could have been for both Camping World and Keystone! But instead…crickets.

What a message they could have sent to their employees and customers! Instead, this: total disregard for us, total disrespect for our mission, totally irresponsible behavior, total lack of communication, total ignorance as to the critical need for help in the addiction and treatment world, and to top it off, the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

Our life savings are invested in 10,000 Beds, much of it in the RV. We paid cash.

It’s time for Keystone to step up.

Camping World Las Vegas has gone to bat for us. They’ve been able to get admission of responsibility from Keystone. But they are still fighting Keystone to get the repairs done – EIGHT MONTHS after we initially took it in for repair to Camping World St. George – in July 2018.

There is no excuse for this. Sadly, I am now contacting an attorney. My trust is gone.

Now I think Keystone is trying to run the down the clock on our warranty. We can’t have our life savings thrown out the door by Keystone’s failure and refusal to correct their mistake, to do the repairs.

My problem is that I trust too much. I believed Camping World and Keystone would take care of us. I was wrong. Integrity must have a different definition in their worlds.

We need to be back #ontheroad4recovery on May 16th. We need to be out there supporting families and helping individuals who are battling addiction.

We needed to be out there yesterday, and the day before, and the day before. And every day for the past EIGHT MONTHS! But Keystone has been holding us hostage on a Camping World parking lot for EIGHT MONTHS.

This is fixable. This can be made right.

Keystone can fix this. They can complete the repairs. They can be a partner in our efforts. They can get us back on the road.

I’ve reached out to the CEO of Keystone, Matt Zimmerman. And the Sr VP at Camping World Matthew Wagner.

I hope they step up. It’s the right thing to do. But then again, it’s been the right thing to do for EIGHT MONTHS!

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