Recently I helped a mother and son. The son was in need of addiction treatment. The mother was aware.

This young man had OD’d several times and was literally at risk every single day of repeating that behavior, and possibly dying. When it came time to place him, after much research to meet the criteria of the treatment facilities, as well as the family, the Mom commented, “I am not sure he will like that place and want to go there.”

I am a Mom. I get it. But when your son is on the verge of death, again, literally, it’s really not up to him. This young man had agreed to treatment, and had his hopes up for a cushy treatment center that happened to be full. I get that too. But there comes a time when the parent needs to be the parent, in this case to save her child’s life.

As an addiction treatment professional, I work with adults and youth. My bottom line is getting help for the person in need. And I’ll do just about anything to make that happen. I expect the same from the parents who have reached out for help. Is that too much to ask?

Not in my book.