So many people have been working in the addiction industry and saving lives for a long time! We’ve only just begun! And with almost $1,000,000 in awarded scholarships, we are just starting. There are so many more lives that can be saved!We hope you will help us ramp up to change more lives between now and the end of the year! Please take the time to read the information I’ve shared below. I’ve also made it easy for you to contribute, you can donate by clicking here!And treatment centers wanting to donate a bed can do it by clicking here!  (A “bed” is the equivalent of one standard program of treatment in your treatment center).We love this industry and are committed to continuing our mission of helping those without resources find effective treatment for addiction.Last week, at Moments of Change in Florida, we were privileged to connect on a personal level with many who were there. We wish we could have talked to everyone!Moments of Change changed us; the enthusiasm, passion, and courage we felt from our fellow attendees has inspired us to jump to the next level. We are ramping up to reach a 2017 goal of more than double our 2016 awarded scholarships. And that means we have a lot to do in 2016, and we need your help! You can help us create moments of change in the lives of others by making a donation today.We also want to share our “10,000 Beds Moments of Change” with you, to help you better understand what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.



It was just 22 months ago that I was driving down the 405 in Southern California after visiting nearly a dozen treatment centers in the previous week. I was hyped by the positive energy I felt when meeting with owners, speaking with staff, and sensing the passion and commitment in so many who work in our industry.

My Laguna Beach two-day vacation was beckoning, but I was haunted by the phone call I had received that morning from a young girl with no insurance, no money, no home, and no family. She needed help. And I had just visited many treatment centers with empty beds. How could I help her?

I was not able to help the homeless girl that day, but we’ve help many since.


I needed to connect the dots…Laguna Beach would have to wait. I made a U-turn and circled back to a few of the treatment center owners I had just met with. After testing my idea in conversations, and receiving unwavering support, my “405-ah-ha moment” became reality and 10,000 Beds was born.

Six months later we were awarded 501c3 status, 5 months after that we officially launched, and as of today, we have awarded, through the generous partnership of our treatment center partners, more than $750,000 in treatment scholarships in the past nine months. We will pass our first million before the end of the year. How amazing is that?


We help only with those without resources, addicts who have lost everything and burned every bridge. They turn to us because they have nowhere else to turn, they’ve hit bottom, burned every bridge, hocked Mom’s wedding ring (so even Mom isn’t talking to them), and finally want help AND realize they need help. Or they will die. And who thinks that is acceptable? I know you don’t. Please help us prevent these unacceptable and unnecessary deaths by donating today. 

We receive 10 – 30 applications every week and we place 1 – 5 clients every week, in programs ranging from 30 days to 2 years in length. All treatment is awarded through scholarships provided by our partners – generous treatment center owners throughout the US.That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?!

Me and our first client after a month in treatment, used with his permission. 


We have grown so fast it’s been a race to keep up, but we’ve managed to stay focused and continue moving forward. We have been nominated for a CNN 2017 Heroes Award. We have attracted the attention of media in California, Arizona, Utah and Florida. We are working with foundations to create partnerships for 2017. We continue to place clients every single week who meet the requirements of both 10,000 Beds and the partner treatment center awarding the scholarship.


I’m good, but I’m not that good. I’m a nonprofit professional with a career of three decades under my belt. I am the mother of an addict in recovery and our family has been affected by addiction in numerous ways. I’m fairly capable and definitely fearless.

And I am passionate about what I do. I love what I do. But I am one person. 

10,000 Beds has grown to the point where I need help. I need YOUR help. I can’t do this by myself, we are making a huge difference and it will take our addiction industry village to grow our efforts in a healthy, sustainable manner. You can help!


Today I am reaching out to YOU for help. We need your support and hope you can make a donation today. It only takes a moment and every dollar helps. Every single dollar. Never think your donation isn’t big enough, trust me, it is.

Every dollar received by 10,000 Beds is multiplied nearly 10X in value. We work strategically with partners to make certain your dollar is well-spent and effective in helping someone receive treatment for addiction. For every dollar you donate, we will leverage it to a $10 value.


It’s that time of year, the time to give back. Let us know what we can do to support you!

Our unique business model does not require millions of dollars in donations to pay for scholarships. Ouroutstanding partners cover the costs of the scholarships. Our needs are simpler, with your support we will:

  • provide transportation and incidentals for our clients
  • cover basic office, marketing and business expenses
  • expand our services to help more and more people in need
  • add additional partners in the counseling, sober living, IOP and HLOC communities
  • add new residential and long-term treatment partners in states we have not yet worked in
  • ramp up our team (remember, I am only one person).

Thank you, for sharing your enthusiasm and for supporting 10,000 Beds by making a donation today. Remember, any amount helps…and every life counts.


Just like you, we are tired of losing precious human lives to addiction and we are committed to doing everything we can to help those who cannot get help anywhere else.

We are changing lives. We are providing hope. And we are saving lives. But there is so much more we can do.

Help us, please. I know you will, so thank you!

Looking forward,

Jean Krisle

PS 10,000 Beds is partnering with Strategically Square on a series of game-changing one-day seminars: WOW Marketing! Filling Beds Ethically in the Addiction Treatment Industry. Click here for more information.

One bed. One life. Tell us about your own moment of change and we will include it in our new blog.

My Moment of Change