It wasn’t that long ago that a few of us were sitting around a table shaking our heads over the data in front of us. Over 3000 calls for help were being made to a friend’s call center every week, and of those 3000+ addicts, approximately half could not afford the treatment they so desperately needed. No insurance, no income, no family, no friends, no cash, no nothing. Just a frightened person at their wit’s end who had already burned every bridge, hocked Mom’s wedding ring, and lost everything and everyone.

And let’s face it. It’s not easy for an addict to make “that call”, the call for help. Once they do, they have hit bottom and have no where else to go. They need help and they need it now, not later…because there might not be a later.

So we brainstormed and took a road trip, and while driving down the 405 in SoCal, 10,000 Beds was created – in my mind. Today it’s becoming a reality – slowly, carefully, methodically.

We are still working toward our official opening, waiting for our tax determination, moving forward with our marketing (we can’t wait another day to get the word out!), and basically getting our ducks in a row so that when our 501c3 comes through, we can hit the ground racing!

We are excited. We hope you are too. There are people who need our help and we want to provide it.

Stay tuned…we’ll be in your neighborhood soon!