Earlier this week we posted a question on Facebook…over 3 dozen people have responded so far. The responses are motivational, inspiring and personal. Many thanks to all who shared in an effort to help others. Together we can educate the public and help those who are suffering from the very real, very destructive effects of addiction.

It seems appropriate to share some of these personal experiences here – responses from those who have been there. The question we asked was: What was the key to your recovery? 

Your answers, in no particular order:

  • surrender
  • following instructions
  • admitting “powerlessness”
  • stop blaming, accept responsibility for who you are…and who you want to be
  • hope and determination
  • accept that you’re an addict
  • don’t drink or use, ever, at all
  • desperate desire for a better life
  • children, and the desire to be a better parent
  • trust in a power greater than myself
  • The Serenity Prayer
  • meetings, meetings and more meetings
  • admitting complete defeat and wanting recovery more than anything
  • turning everything over to God
  • owning your addiction (rather than allowing it to own you)
  • AA, NA, Church, Salvation Army….meetings, fellowship, support groups
  • being open-minded to whatever is ahead, whatever God wants for you
  • surrendering to a higher power
  • hope and faith
  • friends and family
  • reading motivational books
  • removal from former environment and social life (friends)
  • honesty
  • one day at a time
  • your sponsor
  • The 12 Steps
  • being open, honest and willing
  • turn suffering and mistakes into motivation to help others
  • selflessness
  • loving myself again
  • wanting to live

A very personal story touched our hearts and tells the story of addiction all too well: I lost my little brother a year ago with this disease very active in his life i had been clean for a couple of months when they found him. I believe he is now watching over me and is proud of me, i have been clean now for 18 months and as long as I stay clean and help others i know he is smiling down on me. We all suffer in our lives but if we can take our sufferings and excuses and turn them into motivation we can finally move forward and stop making the same mistakes. 

Addition will always own you, unless you decide to own it. You can do this. Decide right now to own your actions, own your addiction, and reclaim your life by surrendering, listening, learning, and reaching out to others.

Many thanks to all who shared.