Too many days have passed since I’ve blogged. Too many things have happened to remember – after all, it’s a new year! But this I know: with everything that is happening in the world of addiction treatment…RECOVERY is possible.

And it’s happening all around us.

Media focuses on the addiction crisis and opioid epidemic, and rightfully so, we are losing family and friends in numbers we’ve never seen before. But there is the other side of addiction that also needs attention – the recovery side.

Here at 10,000 Beds we are all about recovery, we celebrate recovery, our mission is recovery. But as in life, to get to recovery, we must face the realities of addiction.

Addiction now directly affects 1 of every 3 persons in our nation, or so says the data. I would be more inclined to say EVERY person. It’s growing more and more apparent that everyone knows someone who has been affected by addiction, a loved one, a colleague, a minister, a teacher, a coach, or a friend.

If only the conversations about family and friends in recovery equaled the number of conversations about family and friends battling addiction! Let’s make that happen!

We can never ignore addiction, but we CAN focus on recovery. Let’s flip the coin; let’s look at the other side of addiction.

Recovery is possible. Recovery is not only possible, but it is life changing. Recovery opens doors, heals relationships, and restores confidence.

Recovery is an option for every person abusing alcohol or substances. It’s a choice – sometimes a difficult one – but a choice nevertheless.

As a loved one or friend to an addict, never stop loving. Your love may be the one thing they have left that allows them to take the step, leave their drug dealer behind, and enter treatment for the disease of addiction.

At 10,000 Beds, we come from a place of gratitude, we know that love can make a difference, and we know that recovery is possible.