Like most industries, the addiction treatment industry is filled with a plethora of abbreviated terms that can instantly confuse just about anybody outside of the industry. I was recently handed a three-page document of treatment industry acronyms. Three pages. One of the terms listed is “VOB”, an abbreviated version (or acronym) meaning “Verification of Benefits”.

When you are seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, an initial assessment will be done by the referral or admissions representative which will include a review of your insurance coverage. This information helps treatment centers determine the best facility for the addiction, the personality, and the financial situation of the client.

The following list represents the information we need to “run a VOB” for you:

Insurance Company (from insurance card):

Full Name of Insurance Company:

Member ID:

Group ID:

Customer Service Phone:

Policy Holder:

Full Legal Name:

Date of Birth:


Phone Number:


Full Legal Name:

Relationship to Insured:

Date of Birth:

Current Address (where they are currently living – home, school, apartment, on the street, etc):


Drug of Choice:

How long using?:

Prior Rehabs:

History of Violence?:


With this information, a treatment center’s admission representative can determine the coverage your insurance provides and any required deductible and an estimated total of out of pocket expenses you should expect to pay for the treatment provided.

Dealing with addiction is an emotional experience. If the person on the other end of the phone is not making it easier for you, call another treatment center.  You should be treated with care, concern, and professionalism and the representative should take the time to explain how things work in simple, honest, understandable terms.

If the first question you are asked is “Who is your insurance provider?”, and not “Are you in danger? Are you in a safe place? How can we help you?”, you are talking to the wrong treatment center. Hang up, and try again.