Our hearts have been saddened by the devastation in Houston, and touched by the outpouring of support for the lives affected by Hurricane Harvey.

A hurricane often steals lives from its first hit on land, just as addiction steals lives from a person’s first hit.

As homeowners are struggling to sift through belongings, keep family members close or find temporary shelter, addiction treatment programs in the Houston area are struggling to relocate temporarily and care for their clients, sometimes having to send clients to other treatment programs in non-affected areas.

Persons battling addiction in the Houston area are not immune or oblivious to the devastation around them. They continue to battle their addiction as Hurricane Harvey leaves destruction all around them, displacing them from their already displaced location.

The need to provide support to those battling addiction is not diminished by the need to provide support to those battling the reality of Hurricane Harvey. Both needs are real, and urgent, and life-threatening

Addiction doesn’t stop where a hurricane starts. Just as a hurricane doesn’t jump over those struggling with addiction.

10,000 Beds has opted to launch our #CelebrateRecovery campaign today. The purpose of this national campaign is to raise awareness of the ongoing epidemic, change perceptions of addiction and recovery, and #CelebrateRecovery. We are also supporting Houston area programs in their efforts to continue treatment for their clients in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. 

Join us in our efforts! Share your story on Facebook by posting a video. For more information, please visit our website page dedicated to this campaign.

For those who prefer to remain anonymous, please note: We respect those who prefer to maintain anonymity in their recovery. When I speak to groups, I often reference “the soccer coach next door who you think is the salt of the earth” (and he is). He is also in recovery, you just don’t know it.

Let’s #CelebrateRecovery and change perceptions by remembering the many who remain anonymous but have conquered the beast of addiction sometime in their life. And every single day they remember that battle; they keep their guard up, their armor on and their will strong. My hat is off to each of these anonymous recovery heroes.

We are so much more than our addiction! We are so much more than what Hurricane Harvey left in its wake. Please make a contribution today and post your story online! Let’s #CelebrateRecovery together.

Jean Krisle is the CEO/Founder of 10,000 Beds, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is recovery. We are currently #OnTheRoad4Recovery for at least a year to elevate awareness, change perceptions around addiction and recovery, and connect with partners new and old. You can connect with Jean at the 2017 ETHOS conferences in Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia and New Orleans. You can support 10,000 Beds by making a contribution today to help provide scholarships for those without resources seeking help for addiction.