It’s the little things that matter, especially when living in an RV full time #ontheroad4recovery: propane, hook ups, internet…

And a good laundromat. Considering what we do as 10,000 Beds, this gives an entirely new meaning to the word “clean”.

It’s not easy, doing laundry at a laundromat – not when you’ve normally done laundry in your own washing machine at home. But it’s not the end of the world either. We haul in the baskets of soiled clothes, along with a bag of laundry detergent pods, dryer sheets and lots of quarters. We sort and toss and load and feed the coins into the slots. And finally the little light blinks and the washers turn on. Thirty minutes later we repeat the process, but this time in the oversized dryers.

Laundromats are the convenient option for the inconvenience of not having your own washing machine. And they work pretty well if you can find a reputable, maintained facility with working machines and friendly, capable staff.

Recently, as I was mumbling to myself about having to use  a laundromat instead of my own washing machine, I simultaneously had the appreciative thought that I would be done with 5 loads of laundry in less than 2 hours. This new perspective of my laundromat trials was a game changer. Now, I am actually wondering if I will be frustrated once we are back in a home and doing laundry one load at a time.

Our clients face much more serious challenges, but with similar perspectives. Thirty days in a treatment program seems like a pain-in-the-ass when you’re convinced you can get “clean” on your own. But once there, serious clients who want to get better realize that stepping outside of their norm and airing their “dirty laundry” in counseling is exactly what they needed, no matter how inconvenient or painful the process is.

I wouldn’t go so far to say treatment programs are “the convenient option”, but if we can find a reputable, outcomes-based, ethical program for our 10,000 Beds client, the expected and actual outcome is much better than if that client tries to do it on their own.

Dirty laundry piles up. It can feel overwhelming. To someone fighting an addiction to a substance, dirty laundry – every kind – becomes a barrier to their attempt at recovery. It needs to be examined for spots, cleaned, dried and folded and then put away on a shelf.

I found this in a 2010 blog post, “Alcohol and drug addiction counseling is an important part of many treatment programs in rehab centers across the world. There are many different counseling approaches and frameworks. Counseling is usually conducted within the auspices of the mental health model of addiction. Addiction is seen as an illness that can be treated through a combination of techniques and strategies.”

Staying clean is important to RV-Living, we don’t have space for a pile of dirty clothes. And in an overly simplified comparison, “getting clean” is critical to living, we don’t have space for painful memories or substance abuse. Not if we want to truly live.

#OnTheRoad4Recovery we have met every kind of individual: actively addicted, clean, sober, male, female, rich, poor, famous and infamous. Every one is unique and valuable, but not every one realizes their value. I wish they did.

I love our humanity. We are all in this together, like it or not. Let’s do what we can to help our brothers and sisters. Let’s help them realize they are of value, that their life is worth saving, and the importance of “getting clean.”

I love a good laundromat. Clean is worth the trouble.

Jean Krisle is the CEO/Founder of 10,000 Beds, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization. She is also a professional speaker with past audiences around the world. Jean started 10,000 Beds after battling addiction in her own family. You can support 10,000 Beds by making a contribution today to help provide scholarships for those without resources seeking help for addiction.

With a unique model of partnering with treatment programs throughout the United States, 10,000 Beds is an anomaly in the nonprofit and addiction treatment worlds. All staff and board members are 100% volunteers. On a minimal annual budget of less than $100,000, millions of dollars in scholarships have been awarded over the past two years.

  • 2016 – 10,000 Beds awarded $1,000,000 in addiction treatment scholarships
  • 2017 – 10,000 Beds has awarded $2,500,000 in addiction treatment scholarships
  • 2018 – 10,000 Beds has set a goal to award $5,000,000 in treatment scholarships

This is possible because of the extraordinary treatment program partners throughout the United States. We are so very grateful. 

Currently #OnTheRoad4Recovery to elevate awareness, change perceptions around addiction and recovery, and connect with partners new and old, Jean continues to inspire and provide hope to families, organizations, treatment programs and leaders. 10,000 Beds comes from a place of gratitude. Thank you for your support!