Yes, it’s real. Life after active addiction can be amazing. If we let it be.

Addiction steals souls and lives. So when an individual is able to pull themselves from the abyss of addiction, leave the darkness behind, rebuild their life, and embrace this new life – if they let it happen, if they let it be – it’s time to celebrate, to recognize, to acknowledge, and to be grateful.

On a regular basis 10,000 Beds graduates share their stories with founder, Jean Krisle. One by one, texts, letters, and emails arrive expressing gratitude and sharing details of happy lives after addiction. Many share joyous reunions with family, being circled with love by those who had nearly lost hope over the years, having the privilege of being a parent again, and more. In future blog posts, we will be sharing these individual stories; today we are sharing a story closer to home.

Personally, Jean is experiencing through her son, life after active addiction, as his life continues to grow in success, his relationships continue to strengthen, and with the news of a 22nd grandbaby – a girl – recently announced by Kollin and Sarah. The arrival of this special little spirit is one more example of how Jean’s son has turned his life around, embraced living clean, and allowed himself to love and trust and be loved again.

It takes a lot of courage to be receptive to another’s love, another’s trust, when you know your life has been far from perfect -not only did you let yourself down, there are many other people you let down – it takes a lot of faith to love and trust again, even when those relationships have been mended. And it takes a lot of faith to love someone who has struggled with addiction in the past, but it happens, it’s worth it, and it’s real.

We envision a world where individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder (or any addiction) are not sidelined because of their past, but welcomed, embraced, and included as valuable lovable people with limitless futures. – Jean Krisle, Founder, 10,000 Beds, Inc.

Coming out of active addiction, completing detox and treatment, continuing with support groups and mending relationships is only part of the damage repair many need as they leave active addiction in their past. Relationships, employment, new friends, old friends, finding your place in the world….all of these need attention, but where do you start?

Liz Lazarra (@LizLazarraWrites) shared this insight on The Recovery Village page last year; we feel it’s spot on. Please read her article! There are resources to help you maneuver your way through the destructive wake of a past life of addiction. It’s possible to reconstruct, reconnect, reestablish, and rebuild your life. We know, we’ve seen it over and over.

Committment to a clean and sober life is stronger than addiction, if we let it be.

Love is stronger than addiction, if we let it be.

Faith is stronger than addiction, if we let it be.

Gratitude is stronger than addiction, if we let it be.

There is life after addiction. If we let it be.

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Jean Krisle is a motivational keynote speaker, extraordinary fast-lane leader, and the CEO/Founder of 10,000 Beds, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The mission of 10,000 Beds is to connect those seeking help for addiction to those who are willing to help by providing addiction treatment scholarships.

Jean connects with audiences to provide inspiration to leaders, clients, teams and organizations. She focuses on fast-lane leadership – a compilation of proven steps to taking the FastLane2Success and the reality of success often following failure. Her popular Keynote Presentation “Failing2Win: The Paradox of Success” instantly engages the audience with identifiable stories and experiences with a strong call to action as she challenges her audience participants to push themselves harder and higher.

Jean and her husband Hal have spent much of 2017 and 2018 #OnTheRoad4Recovery to elevate awareness around addiction, change perceptions of recovery, and inspire fast-lane leadership. You can reach Jean at You can support 10,000 Beds at #onebedonelife #failing2win #fastlaneleadership #fastlaneleaders #ethicsdoneright #fastlane2success