Triggers. It seems that every treatment center, every anonymous meeting, every counselor has addressed the issue of things that trigger addicts to use, pick up, pour a glass, light one up, or even eat. Maybe it’s not all about what triggers us to use or drink. What about the triggers that make us unhappy? What makes us self-loath, depressed, sad and feel unworthy?

You work at a job where your boss makes you feel worthless: Trigger.

You live with someone whom you love but who makes you feel unwanted or unworthy: Trigger.

You live a life in which you wake up in the morning and look in a mirror full of self-pity: Trigger.

What triggers us to use isn’t necessarily a place or a thing, although those places and things are definitely negative experiences. The most powerful and tempting triggers are our own emotions.

Control our emotions and we control our desire to use. My belief is that I am like many others when I say I’m tired of being a trigger to my self.

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This guest post was shared with us by Kollin James, a person in recovery.