The scariest headline I’ve seen this year was from a Daily Beast articleMOLLY: The Dangerous Drug That’s Too Good to Quit!

Four people have recently died from the use of this drug, yet reports from users are nothing but glowing for Molly, or MDMA, a purportedly pure form of ecstasy or 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine. Of course, the users who are raving about Molly are still alive. We really can’t interview those who died to find out how they feel about Molly now, can we?

And when someone like Sarah (in the article) is quoted as saying ““People do drugs because they are fun, and they’re probably not going to stop…so we need to focus on how to make it less dangerous,”  I realize how far those of us in the world of addiction and treatment have to go.

Our mission is not only about saving lives. Our mission is to educate the public to the reality of addiction, to the reality of recreational drug use, to the reality of life – that it isn’t a drug-induced euphoric state of bliss. No, that is not reality at all.

No matter how you spin it, drug use leads to dependence and addiction. After all, it was Sarah who also said, “Don’t you wish we could just stay like this forever?” That’s exactly my point. Addicts try to do just that, and it doesn’t work. It ruins lives. It steals personalities. It destroys relationships. It crushes careers. It kills.

Just ask an addict. Good golly.

A little music for fun: Little Richard – Good Golly Miss Molly

This post was originally posted in HRI Blog in September 2013.