Father's Day



“I thought I lost my daughter last year – but I never gave up on her and she went to MATR in Utah and it changed her life. I found this program through 10,000 Beds. Thank you and Happy Father’s Day.” – Ted Cote, Father of a Female Scholarship Recipient, 2017

Free Again



“Wanted to tell you your an amazing woman. i received a scholarship and god is good. I’m FREE AGAIN” – Female Scholarship Recipient, 2018

Begin Life Again



Dear Jean and Hal, Just wanted to take a minute and thank you both for the opportunity to begin life again. I am sure if I had not got a text from Hal on that Saturday on whether or not I was still seeking some help or not, I would not be here to write this letter of Gratitude. I was on a path of total hopelessness and was sure no one cared. I had accepted the decision that the drug would soon have my Life. I was very sick and felt as though I had failed Life. 10,000 Beds was the last flicker of Hope, which came unexpectedly. I feel like I have a new chance of purpose and will not waste anytime. I can’t even begin to express how I feel. Not only am I clean and sober, my wife has joined me in this new chapter of Life. Things are good. You blessed her also. If there’s every anything I can do to help you in California, it would be my honor to do so. Thank you so much, R. C., Male Scholarship Recipient, 2016

You Saved My Life



Jean, you saved my life. I owe you everything. I can’t thank you enough. I love you. – Jake, Male Scholarship Recipient, 2015