Board of Directors

Board of Directors

We strive to to protect an addict’s right to treatment, promote ethics in the addiction industry, propel the conversations around addiction into effective and appropriate action, change perceptions, and partner with extraordinary treatment programs to provide scholarships to those without resources who are seeking help for addiction.

Kevin Zundl

Psynchronous (MA)


Tami Burgard

Solutions Based Treatment & Detox (CA)


Kristina Steele

Founding Board Member (CA)

Abhilash Patel

Former Co-Founder, Recovery Brands (CA)


Richard Doutre Jones

ABC4 – CW30 – MeTV (UT)


Elaine Pasqua (PA)

Travis Whittaker

Living Recovery Interventions LLC (UT)


Jeff Dougherty

BreakAway Recovery (CA)



10,000 Beds, Inc. is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to promoting and supporting recovery. We do this by elevating awareness, changing perceptions and providing scholarship beds to qualifying individuals who are seeking help for addiction. We do this by creating strong partnerships with treatment programs throughout the United States which donate at least ONE BED per year (a scholarship for a minimum of 60-days treatment). We are grateful for our partners.

One bed. One life.