How to Donate A Treatment Bed Scholarship


Please join the growing list of extraordinary treatment partners who have pledged a scholarship bed to 10,000 Beds! As a registered 501c3 nonprofit corporation we agree and commit to applying all contributions in accordance with tax-exempt purposes.

We ask that our partners donate at least one bed per year for a 30-day or longer treatment stay.

We have placed more than 500 adults in treatment and are very proud to say that only three of those admissions left against medical advice (AMA). We feel this speaks to our hard work in vetting and preparing our clients to be invested in their recovery.

PS As a partner, we invite you to provide your preferred program name and correct website URL for inclusion on our Extraordinary Partner page on the 10,000 Beds website. We do not share our list with anyone (although we are asked often) but we do love to promote your goodwill on our webpage.

And if you want to come along with us as a sponsor of our #ontheroad4recovery nationwide outreach program by adding your logo to the side of BigBlue, please contact us!

Questions? Contact Jean at