Corporate Partners

Humanitarian Circle of Giving

Introducing our incredible Corporate Partners, these companies not only talk the talk, they walk the talk. We appreciate their support of our #ontheroad4recovery outreach program and our #onebedonelife scholarship program. Because of their generosity and support, dozens of individuals have received treatment through the 10,000 Beds scholarship program and families have been given hope as we cross the country with our #ontheroad4recovery program. We salute these organizations for their philanthropic and caring mindset.


2019 Corporate Partner

Hugs CBD

Hugs was created with two goals in mind: to bring a new standard of honesty and transparency to the CBD industry and to deliver high quality products to customers. Everything that is in our products is on the label. We source our ingredients with care, display them with honesty, and we follow through with world class customer service. Every batch of our product is 3rd party lab tested to ensure quality. 

Hugs Wellness’ commitment to delivering an unparalleled product, service, and education continues with its partnership with the non-profit organization 10,000 Beds. Josey Orr, Founder, is an active member of the recovery community and strives to give back to organizations such as 10,000 Beds that helped him get on the right path. Hugs Wellness is proud to donate a percentage of every sale to help 10,000 Beds provide individuals admission into treatment programs for long term recovery, continuing its mission to promote care and self-love.

2018 & 2019 Corporate Partner

Beechtree Diagnostics, Draper, UT 

“More than a test” – Beechtree Diagnostics provides customizable lab testing for the most discerning medical professionals. Beechtree Diagnostics has supported our 2018 Gala as the Presenting Sponsor and will be a sponsor of our 2019 Gala’s, but most important for our clients, they have offered to provide diagnostic laboratory services for each of our 10,000 Beds scholarship recipients as requested by the treatment program scholarship provider while in treatment through our scholarship! How awesome is that?!? Almost as awesome as our friends at Beechtree Diagnostics! 


2017 & 2018 Corporate Partner

Elevated Billing Solutions, South Jordan, UT 

“You can count on Elevated Billing Solutions team as an extension of your business, to help increase revenue, improve cash flow and treat more clients.” Elevated Billing kept us on the road for two years, allowing us to connect with thousands of individuals and families in communities throughout the United States. Our message is one of hope and we were received with love and gratitude…we express the same to our friends at Elevated Billing.



We invite you to partner with 10,000 Beds to create stronger awareness programs, change perceptions of addiction and recovery, and support the 10,000 Beds Scholarship program. And the added bonus: increased awareness through your partnership with 10,000 Beds will allow us to provide training to empower your team members to proactively manage colleagues and family in active addiction and relate to colleagues and family in recovery. Bottom line: more productivity, acceptance, and cohesiveness.

Here’s a quick overview of what our partnership might look like:

  • Collaborative Project – community-based, immediate impact, HR friendly
    • Volunteer opportunities for your team
    • Community-based philanthropic opportunity for local recognition and involvement
    • Team Training or Motivational Keynote with Jean Krisle, Founder & CEO
    • National exposure
  • Marketing Exposure – print, event, and social media exposure through 10,000 Beds, Inc.
    • Co-branded Collateral
    • Humanitarian Circle of Giving Plaque (for you to display in your office)
    • Monthly Social Media mentions (10,000 followers)
    • Biannual Blog Posts
    • Annual Press Release highlighting our collaborative efforts
    • Employee Participation Option


CORPORATE PARTNERS: Humanitarian Circle of Giving

Two of every three families is affected by addiction, which means two of every three employees on your corporate team are dealing with the affects of addiction, either personally or through a loved one’s struggle.

Many recovering addicts remain anonymous due to the unfair stigma attached to have been addicted to a substance abuse. Most likely you have employees in active recovery, living seemingly normal lives while managing their addiction secretly.

10,000 Beds works in communities to elevate awareness, change perceptions of recovery, and defend an addict’s right to treatment. We provide scholarships to those in need and assist HR departments in understanding the process of addiction, treatment and recovery and how it can (and does) fit into the workplace. There are very few causes that will resonate with your team members as strongly as this one.

The opioid and addiction epidemic is sweeping our country, devastating families, destroying individuals, and weakening the work force. It’s time to do something about it. Join us and a Corporate Partner and help us change the way addiction and recovery are perceived, both in and out of the workplace.