Join the 2017 #CelebrateRecovery Campaign in 3 Easy Steps!


Share your story on video

  • Tell us who you are

  • How addiction has affected you (recovering addict, friend, family member, etc)

  • Why you are making this video (To #CelebrateRecovery with Ten Thousand Beds dot com)

  • Closing statement: “We are so much more than our addictions.”


Post your video on your Facebook page

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  • If you want, you can make a simple sign and hold it during the video, but it’s not necessary.


Make an $10 online donation to 501c3 nonprofit 10,000 Beds.

A Message from our Founder, Jean Krisle: We respect those who prefer to maintain anonymity in their recovery. When I speak to groups, I often reference “the soccer coach next door who you think is the salt of the earth” (and he is). He is also in recovery, you just don’t know it.

10,000 Beds recognizes and respects the many persons in recovery who prefer to remain anonymous. We support AA, NA and all of the support groups available and critical to those in recovery. And we salute you for your life in recovery.

We invite you to participate in this nationwide awareness campaign by making a $10 donation to 10,000 Beds. We know that you, like us, are so much more than your addiction. We thank you for your support!

Let’s #CelebrateRecovery and change perceptions of recovery by remembering that there are many around us who remain anonymous but have conquered the beast of addiction sometime in their life. Every single day they remember their fight, they keep their guard up, their armor on, and their will strong.

My hat is off to each of these anonymous recovery heroes.

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