Exhibitor Opportunities & Specifications

 10,000 Beds Breakfast of Heroes & Un-Conference


Exhibit Floor Space is limited to 12 vendors for each event, with two representatives per vendor. Table tops will be set up for you. To see deadlines, specs, or to register as an exhibitor, please click here. 

Your Audience: 150 – 200 industry professionals, community leaders, elected officials, recovery heroes.

  • $750 EARLY BIRD Exhibitor Registration

  • $1,000 STANDARD Exhibitor registration

  • Exhibitor Set Up on Day of Event:  7 – 7:30 AM (remember, we will already have your presentation boards* at your table tops on easels, you will simply need to bring your collateral and business cards)

  • Walk-ins will not be accepted.


  • One (2) dedicated in-person exhibit hours.

  • Two (2) exhibitor representatives per table (included in registration fee which includes breakfast event and two seats at the exhibitor table).

  • Two seats at Breakfast of Heroes with attendees.

  • Access to small groups of attendees for up, close, and personal elevator pitch presentations during the Un-Conference portion of the event.

  • One 3’ x 5’ presentation board* (see below, will be provided by 10,000 Beds from requested information – email will be sent upon registration, we must have your information by June 1, 2022)

  • One (1) 36” Round High-Top Table (Skirted) with (2) Barstool Height Chairs.

  • Attendee list- emails not included unless attendees opt-in.

*Please see above for an image of the 3′ x 5′ presentation board we will have created for you once you have provided the requested information. Once registered as an exhibitor, we will send the required template to you for completion. Your completed template MUST be received via email to jean@10000beds.org no later than 30 days prior to the event. The presentation boards will be set up and ready for the Un-Conference prior to the event start time of 7:30AM.

The presentation board will be yours to keep following the event.