Our Partners



Our Extraordinary Partners

This page is currently under construction for an August launch of our newly updated partner list. Below is a partial list of our Extraordinary Partners who donate at least one scholarship for treatment every year.

Our extraordinary partners are generous treatment programs who annually donate at least one bed (a scholarship for one treatment program of at least 30 days). It’s because of the generous and caring efforts of our partners that 10,000 Beds is able to help so many who are without resources but want and need treatment.

We salute our treatment care partners! We are humbled and honored to work with these treatment programs, and their owners and staff who are amazing examples of unconditional love, selfless service, exceptional client care, and philanthropic action. We thank them for their ongoing efforts to help others.

For more information on how your treatment program can become a 10,000 Beds Extraordinary Partner, please contact Jean Krisle at jean@10000beds.org.