How to Donate A Scholarship


lifesaver-blue-clipart-110,000 BEDS LIFESAVER PARTNER APPLICATION & PLEDGE

If you represent an addiction treatment program, detox service, interventionist program, or sober living home, please click on the Lifesaver Icon to submit an application and pledge at least one scholarship bed for addiction treatment.


Our Lifesaver Partners pledge a donation of at least “one scholarship bed” (a minimum of 30 days of treatment) each year to 10,000 Beds Inc. (Ten Thousand Beds, Inc.), a registered 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

In return, 10,000 Beds, Inc. agrees and commits to apply each partner facility’s contribution(s) in accordance with its tax-exempt purposes.

In addition, upon receipt of the signed bed donation agreement, 10,000 Beds, Inc. will:

1. List Lifesaver Partners on website and back link to each facility’s respective website.

2. Spotlight Lifesaver Partners via social media.

3. Provide a Lifesaver Partner display sign.

4. Provide a Lifesaver Partner badge for use on website.