We want to take a minute to thank several of our board members who have completed their terms with 10,000 Beds and are stepping down. We appreciate their time, commitment and service to 10,000 Beds over the past three years as we were finding our way.

There’s a time and season for everything, so board service has ended for these individuals, but their commitment to 10,000 Beds continues.

Special thanks to each for a job well done.

These are the people who stepped up five years ago when 10,000 Beds was only a dream. These are the folks who helped me figure out the addiction treatment industry’s alphabet soup. These are the people I bounced ideas off of and listened to as they provided responses.

Thanks isn’t really enough, but it will have to do.

Thank you Aaron Earnest,  you’ll always be my favorite!

Thank you Doreen Rutherford, for your passion for scholarships and helping others.

Thank you Dan Workman, for reminding us all that Quitters Prosper.

Thank you Terry Patton, for often being the only strategic thinker in the room!

These folks have enriched my life and I am forever grateful. Many thanks for a job well done.

Jean Krisle, affectionately known to many in the addiction treatment industry as “The Godmother of Recovery”, is the CEO/Founder of 10,000 Beds, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The mission of 10,000 Beds is to connect those seeking help for addiction to those who are willing to help by providing addiction treatment scholarships.

Jean and her husband Hal are currently #OnTheRoad4Recovery to elevate awareness, change perceptions of recovery, and connect with partners new and old.

You can reach Jean at jean@10000beds.org to schedule a speaking engagement, invite Jean & BigBlue to an event, or with questions. A professional motivational speaker and coach, Jean engages audiences to provide inspiration for leaders, clients, teams and organizations. She focuses on leadership, the shattered glass ceiling, and effective communication. Her Keynote Presentation “Failing to Win” shares personal stories and experiences using relevant data to create a strong call to action for her audience, challenging them to push themselves a little harder and reach a little higher. 

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