#CelebratingRecovery: A Blog

We hope these words will provide hope and help to change perceptions of addiction & recovery,

The Dark Side

As if addiction isn't devastating enough, there has to be a dark side to the addiction treatment industry. As if being an addict isn't life-threatening enough, there has to be a small group of unethical, bad people who prey on those fighting addiction for the purpose...

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When Not Helping, Helped.

First published on LinkedIn on 10/12/2016. He's been clean and sober for 4 months now. He is reunited with his son. He is working and thriving...not through our 10,000 Beds scholarship program, but because of it. It's been nearly a year since the call came in for a...

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10 Good Reasons to Get Clean & Sober

When you’ve come to that point in your drug- or alcohol-using life when you’re maybe thinking about getting clean and sober, ask yourself why it is that you really want to do this. While some of the following reasons may not apply to you, they are the top reasons for...

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Who’s In Charge?

Recently I helped a mother and son. The son was in need of addiction treatment. The mother was aware. This young man had OD’d several times and was literally at risk every single day of repeating that behavior, and possibly dying. When it came time to place him, after...

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