#CelebratingRecovery: A Blog

We hope these words will provide hope and help to change perceptions of addiction & recovery,

The Other Side of Addiction

Too many days have passed since I’ve blogged. Too many things have happened to remember – after all, it’s a new year! But this I know: with everything that is happening in the world of addiction treatment…RECOVERY is possible. And it’s happening all around us. Media...

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Celebrating 1,095 Days!

What have you done with your last 1,000 days? I've set weight loss goals multiple times and never reached them, set financial goals multiple times and never reached them, set business goals and accomplished them #ontheroad4recovery with 10000beds.org, but I have to be...

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Soccer & Addiction: No Sideline Coaches Please

In the addiction treatment industry, it's not easy to forget who we are working for, we are reminded numerous times every day. We believe that in every decision we make the client must always be the first consideration. If only parents thought that way. When a parent...

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The Power of Prayer

Today in our church meetings, we were reminded of the power of prayer. A mighty prayer is like having a moment in the heavens. - Juan A. Uceda It takes faith to drop to your knees and open a conversation with your Heavenly Father. And it takes humility to be still and...

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